Future Samsung wearables to feature Galaxy AI

Samsung has recently announced plans to expand its Galaxy AI technology beyond smartphones and into their wearables. In a post penned by Samsung mobile chief Dr. TM Roh, it was revealed that select Galaxy wearables will soon utilize AI to enhance digital health and provide users with intelligent health experiences.

This move follows Samsung’s introduction of Galaxy AI to Bixby, indicating a strategic shift towards incorporating AI into various devices. With rumors circulating about Google introducing Gemini support to Google Assistant earbuds, it’s clear that AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in wearable technology.

Additionally, Samsung is rumored to be working on a smart ring that could potentially launch later this year. Unlike traditional smartwatches, a smart ring lacks a display but integrating AI into such a device could revolutionize how users interact with it. The possibilities of AI in wearables are endless, and it will be fascinating to see how Samsung continues to innovate in this space.