‘Fiat Releases New Hybrid Fiat 600 Priced at £23,965’

Fiat has unveiled the new Fiat 600 Hybrid, with pricing starting at £23,965. The range includes two models – the 600 Hybrid priced at £23,695 and the 600 Hybrid La Prima priced at £26,965.

Both models offer a variety of color options, with the 600 Hybrid available in Red, White, Black, Sea, Earth, Sky, and Sun of Italy, while the 600 Hybrid La Prima comes in Sea, Earth, Sky, and Sun of Italy colors.

The Fiat 600 Hybrid is a significant addition to Fiat’s lineup, alongside the recently released fully electric Fiat 600e. This new hybrid vehicle is designed to meet the demands of modern drivers, focusing on sustainability and performance.

Built on the advanced CMP2 platform, the Fiat 600 Hybrid utilizes technology from the 600e series. With a powerful 100 horsepower 48V Hybrid system and a 6-speed automatic gearbox, this innovative powertrain promises a dynamic driving experience with a focus on environmental responsibility. The integration of an electric motor within the gearbox allows the 600 Hybrid to function in full electric mode, disconnecting the engine from the transmission seamlessly.

To learn more about the new Fiat 600 Hybrid models and place an order, visit the Fiat website. The vehicles are now available for purchase, catering to drivers looking for a blend of performance and sustainability.