Explore a Beautiful and Curvy Residence near the Pacific Ocean

Enjoying a stunning coastal home while avoiding strong winds can be a challenge, but not for the owners of this 9,925-square-foot seaside villa in Chile. Designed by Santiago-based architecture firm Land Arquitectos, this eight-bedroom, nine-bathroom vacation home was created as a space for multi-generational family gatherings.

The architects incorporated topography-driven design elements to shield the residence from powerful southern gusts while still providing unobstructed ocean views. By studying aerial photographs and site plans, the team identified the native vegetation clusters and implemented a design that preserved and integrated them into the landscape.

The structure sits on a reinforced concrete base shaped by the overlap of native vegetation circles, elevating the living spaces for optimal sea views. The house is divided into interconnected glass pavilions with wooden lattice screens that protect against winds and offer privacy. Each pavilion faces the South Pacific Ocean and is strategically rotated to provide a unique perspective of the surroundings.

The interior spaces vary in size and purpose, with some pavilions designed for communal gatherings and others for more intimate moments. The design also emphasizes sustainability by using engineered wood instead of traditional lumber, contributing to a more environmentally friendly construction process.

Overall, the primary goal of the owners was to create a home that fosters connection and togetherness. This coastal retreat not only offers breathtaking views and comfortable living spaces but also serves as a place where family members can bond surrounded by nature’s beauty.