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Berry Global, a leading global supplier of nonwoven and engineered materials, announced exciting news in the industry. The company is making strides in sustainability by transitioning its packaging in Europe to recycled material. This move aligns with Berry Global’s commitment to reducing their environmental impact and promoting a circular economy.

By using recycled material in their packaging, Berry Global is taking a significant step towards achieving their sustainability goals. This initiative not only helps reduce waste but also promotes the reuse of resources, contributing to a more sustainable future.

The shift to recycled material in packaging demonstrates Berry Global’s dedication to environmental stewardship and their willingness to innovate in the industry. It also showcases the company’s leadership in sustainable practices and sets a positive example for others in the market.

Overall, Berry Global’s decision to utilize recycled material in their packaging is a commendable move that highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. It sets a new standard for the industry and shows that companies can make a difference by prioritizing sustainability in their operations.