‘Energy Company OCU Secures Battery Project with SSE Renewables’

OCU Energy has been selected as the primary contractor and supplier for a 150MW battery storage project at Fiddler’s Ferry by SSE Renewables, marking a crucial step towards the UK’s net zero goals. The project, situated at the former coal-fired power station in Warrington, will utilize lithium-ion batteries provided by Fluence. Construction is scheduled to kick off in the upcoming weeks following SSE Renewables’ final investment decision in December 2023.

Richard Cave-Bigley, the Director of solar & battery at SSE Renewables, emphasized the significance of battery storage systems like Fiddler’s Ferry in the UK’s journey towards achieving net zero emissions. Vince Bowler, the chief operating officer at OCU Energy, expressed pride in securing the contract and contributing to energy storage in the northwest. Brian Perusse, the managing director of Fluence Energy UK, reiterated the company’s commitment to delivering safe and reliable energy storage systems for the project.

The collaboration between SSE Renewables, OCU Energy, and Fluence highlights a shared dedication to advancing the energy transition and offering valuable energy storage solutions locally and nationally. The construction of the 150MW battery storage project at Fiddler’s Ferry is expected to progress in the coming months, playing a vital role in the UK’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and shift towards a more sustainable energy system.

This project underscores the commitment of key players in the energy sector to support the UK’s ambitious net zero targets and drive innovation in renewable energy solutions.