Developing a robust payments strategy for enhanced business resilience

Finance leaders are gearing up for growth, according to a recent research report from U.S. Bank and Elavon. The study highlights how advanced payment strategies can enhance business resiliency in the face of a rapidly evolving business landscape.

The research emphasizes the importance of forward-thinking payment strategies in enabling finance leaders to navigate change and drive organizational resilience. It surveyed 250 finance professionals, revealing that a majority have ramped up payment security measures to bolster their organization’s resilience.

Survey findings show that 71% of C-Suite finance leaders see a robust payments process as essential for enhancing organizational resilience. Improving payment-acceptance processes is identified as a key strategy to build resilience, with a focus on security, fraud management, consumer preferences, competition, and economic uncertainty.

Key findings from the survey indicate that finance leaders prioritize allowing customers to pay with their preferred methods, keeping payment-acceptance costs low, and improving payment efficiency to drive consumer loyalty and satisfaction. Transaction security emerges as the top factor in selecting payment solutions, with an emphasis on creating a secure payment environment for consumers and suppliers.

As finance leaders navigate rapidly evolving payments technology and rising consumer demand for simple, fast, and secure payment options, staying ahead with innovative payment strategies is crucial. The research report sheds light on how finance leaders are preparing for economic growth and adapting to changing payment landscapes.

To delve deeper into these insights, you can read U.S. Bank’s latest research report on finance leaders’ preparations for growth amidst evolving payment technology and consumer preferences.