Determine the Power Consumption and Voltage Needed to Reach 6.2 GHz with the Core i9-14900KS

Apple has announced the release of an updated MacBook Air laptop featuring the M3 SoC, offering improved performance, faster Wi-Fi, and support for dual external displays. The 15-inch version is now exclusively available with the M3 starting at ,300, while the 13-inch model with the M3 starts at ,100, and a ,000 M2 version is still available. The previous version with the M1 SoC is no longer being sold.

Both new models come with Wi-Fi 6E support and the ability to connect two external screens. The base configurations include 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB storage capacity, although some tests indicate that 8 GB of RAM may not be sufficient in certain scenarios.

Apple is highlighting the gaming capabilities and performance of the M3 SoC in the updated Air, which has been utilized in the MacBook Pro lineup. The specifications related to AI tasks and overall performance remain consistent with previous models.

Despite these enhancements, the general technical specifications of the MacBook Air have not undergone significant changes. The focus continues to be on providing users with a reliable and efficient laptop experience.