Convenient Stores to Introduce Payment Platform for Fleet Customers Using Car IQ

Huck’s Convenience Store Teams Up with Car IQ for Fleet Fueling Solution

Huck’s Convenience Store has announced a new partnership with vehicle payment technology company, Car IQ. This collaboration will allow commercial fleet drivers to utilize Car IQ’s payment method at all 128 Huck’s convenience stores.

Jon Bunch, director of marketing at Huck’s, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “Working with Car IQ checks a lot of boxes for us. We’re always looking to innovate in everything we do. With Car IQ in our corner, we can not only provide an incredible, state-of-the-art payment platform for our customers, but we can also tap into an enormous amount of new opportunities to create commercial fleet volume at our stations.”

Car IQ’s technology uses unique vehicle ID and data to automatically connect vehicles to merchants, allowing fleet drivers to pay for fuel, toll management, parking, electric-vehicle (EV) charging, and more without the need for a fleet card program.

Through Car IQ’s platform, commercial fleet vehicles can connect directly to Huck’s gas pumps. Fleet drivers will make payments through the Car IQ app, eliminating the need for credit cards. The telematics integration enables Car IQ Pay to validate the fleet vehicle, authorize payment, and unlock the pump for fueling.

After fueling, Car IQ handles the payment to the merchant and verifies that the fuel was received. Receipts and invoices are sent to a central ledger, simplifying card management and reconciliation. Car IQ’s use of unique vehicle data to measure the fuel tank before and after the transaction ensures there is zero risk of fraud or friendly fraud during the payment process.

This partnership between Huck’s Convenience Store and Car IQ expands the Car IQ network in key geographic locations, including Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee. This move will provide greater convenience and efficiency for commercial fleet drivers in these areas.

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