Control a car using eye-tracking with the Honor Magic 6 Pro

Honor is gearing up to launch its Magic 6 Pro smartphone globally at MWC 2024, and they are teasing some innovative AI features ahead of the event. One of the standout features showcased is AI-assisted eye-tracking, where users can control a car simply by moving their eyes. This demo displayed how users can interact with the car by using a custom app and staring at the controls for a few seconds for it to respond.

The car itself is equipped with custom servos and motors, making it compatible only with this specific setup. While Honor may not believe this eye-tracking feature is the future of driving, it does showcase the impressive capabilities of the phone’s AI technology.

Although the practical applications of this feature are still uncertain, it does highlight the accessibility potential it could offer. The demo itself is intriguing and worth watching to witness the advancements in technology. This eye-tracking and AI integration could pave the way for more intuitive and innovative ways to interact with smartphones in the future.