‘Company Secures Over M in Funding’

Ouinex, a digital assets trading platform based in Paris, France, has successfully raised over million in funding. Although the specific backers were not disclosed, the company plans to utilize the funds to further develop and enhance its platform while also securing additional regulatory licenses.

Led by CEO Ilies Larbi, Ouinex is a regulated and secure crypto and derivatives trading platform that focuses on low latency and competitive trading fees. The platform brings a TradFi electronic trading infrastructure to Web3, including innovative universal cross margining capabilities that allow users to trade TradeFi instruments by using their crypto holdings as margin.

The Ouinex community consists solely of qualified active traders with extensive experience in Traditional Finance (TradFI) products. This engaged group not only provides financial support but also ensures that Ouinex has a dedicated and active user base. Additionally, tokens will be distributed directly on the Ouinex platform, securing a user base even before the product officially launches.

Overall, Ouinex is poised for growth and innovation in the digital assets trading space with its unique features and strong community support.