Commencement of the Distribution of the Enormous Bonus

The Venezuelan government announced the commencement of the distribution of the “100% Amor Mayor” bonus for this month. Beneficiaries will receive 130 bolivars, equivalent to .60, in their digital wallets on the Patria platform.

To withdraw the bonus, users must follow a series of steps. First, they need to register their bank account on the Patria system by logging in, selecting the “Wallet” option, choosing the bank, and entering their account details.

Once the bank account is registered, users can claim their bonuses by logging into the Patria system website, selecting the “social protection” option, and confirming the receipt of the bonus. They can then choose to withdraw the full amount or a specific amount to their registered bank account.

The system will notify the user of the successful transaction, which will be processed within minutes. This initiative aims to provide financial support to Venezuelan citizens in need.