Collaboration between MTN Group and Huawei to Boost Digital Transformation in Africa

MTN Group and Huawei Collaborate to Enhance Digital Transformation in Africa

MTN Group and Huawei recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a Joint Innovation Technology Lab at MTN Group’s South African headquarters. This lab aims to serve as a collaborative hub for technical innovation across Africa’s digital ecosystem, accelerating the development, implementation, and adoption of cutting-edge digital solutions.

Senior delegations from both MTN and Huawei attended the signing ceremony at MWC Barcelona, Spain. The focus of this collaboration will be on research and development in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, 5G technology, and digital financial services.

In addition to addressing specific challenges faced in Africa, such as enhancing energy efficiency, affordability, and network coverage in remote areas, the partnership also aims to expedite the time-to-market for MTN’s products and services. MTN’s operational teams will actively participate in the innovation process to ensure that the solutions created effectively address real-world issues, drive meaningful digital transformation, and support sustainable development in Africa.

Mazen Mroué, group chief technology and information officer at MTN, emphasized that the establishment of the Lab represents an investment in the growth of Africa’s digital ecosystem beyond a simple collaboration between two companies. The goal is to foster a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous future for the continent through collaborative efforts.

Li Peng, corporate senior vice president and president of ICT Sales & Service at Huawei, expressed the company’s commitment to continuous innovation in partnership with MTN to provide the necessary products and services for Africa. This collaboration is expected to not only enhance MTN’s competitive advantage in terms of network quality, user experience, and rapid deployment but also contribute to achieving MTN’s business objectives and advancing Africa’s digital economy.

“This newly established lab will accelerate both MTN’s research and development initiatives and the growth of Africa’s digital economy, ultimately driving prosperity across the African continent,” Peng said.

Overall, the partnership between MTN Group and Huawei signifies a strategic effort to leverage technical innovation for the benefit of Africa’s digital transformation and economic development.