‘Claude Team plan and iOS app by Anthropic now available’

Anthropic is set to launch a new Team plan and iOS app for its Claude large language model, offering a competitive edge in the market at just a month with a minimum of five seats. With this move, Claude will face off against OpenAI’s ChatGPT plans, as well as Microsoft’s Copilot and Google’s Gemini apps.

The Team plan from Anthropic is designed to provide teams with a dedicated workspace and tools for user and billing management. The Claude iOS app, on the other hand, boasts features from the Claude 3 model family, allowing users to sync chat history and support photos.

Some key highlights of the Team plan include increased usage per user compared to the Pro plan, access to all Claude models such as Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku, a 200,000 token context window for processing long documents and engaging in multi-step conversations, as well as admin tools and billing management. Users can also enjoy all the features available in the Claude Pro plan.

Overall, Anthropic’s latest offerings aim to enhance user experience and productivity, making Claude a top choice for teams looking to leverage cutting-edge language models for their projects.