CF Industries and JERA Collaborate to Develop Low-Carbon Ammonia Production Capacity in the United States

CF Industries Holdings, Inc. and JERA Co., Inc. have signed a joint development agreement to explore the construction of a greenfield low-carbon ammonia production facility at CF Industries’ Blue Point Complex in Louisiana. This agreement marks a significant step in the collaboration between the world’s largest producer of ammonia and Japan’s largest energy company.

The joint development agreement lays the groundwork for the evaluation of a joint venture to establish a low-carbon ammonia plant with a capacity of approximately 1.4 million metric tons. JERA is considering a 48% ownership stake in the project and is also committed to procuring over 500,000 metric tons of low-carbon ammonia annually to meet the growing demand for low-carbon fuels in Japan. The ultimate goal is to reach a final investment decision within a year to kickstart production by 2028.

Both JERA and CF Industries are aligned in their mission to advance decarbonization initiatives that will contribute to Japan’s decarbonization goals. The production of low-carbon ammonia is seen as a crucial step in meeting the objectives of hard-to-abate industries. By replacing coal with clean ammonia in its thermal coal power plants, JERA aims to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. The company is currently conducting a commercial-scale demonstration test of fuel ammonia substitution at its Hekinan Thermal Power Station.

Executive statements from CF Industries Holdings, Inc. and JERA highlight the importance of partnership in developing cutting-edge solutions for global energy challenges. The collaboration between the two companies signifies a commitment to creating a sustainable, affordable, and stable energy supply that is decarbonized. JERA’s vision to achieve net zero CO2 emissions by 2050 aligns with CF Industries’ strategy to leverage their capabilities in ammonia production for a transition to clean energy.

In conclusion, the joint development agreement between CF Industries Holdings, Inc. and JERA Co., Inc. represents a significant milestone in the quest for sustainable energy solutions. This initiative underscores the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving the green energy transition.