, Virtua Health partner to expand the hybrid care providers’ virtual care offerings

AI-powered care facility automation platform, an AI-powered care facility automation platform, has announced a new partnership with Virtua Health, a not-for-profit hybrid care provider based in New Jersey. The enterprise-wide partnership will see Virtua Health utilizing’s virtual care offerings, including its Smart Care Facility Platform and Always-Aware ambient sensors.

The Smart Care Facility Platform consists of a network of sensors spread throughout the care facility, which monitor patients using AI technology. This allows the facility to collect real-time behavior data, providing valuable clinical and operational insights.

Initially,’s AI-powered offerings will be implemented at Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Camden, New Jersey. The aim is to eventually roll out these technologies across all of Virtua Health’s acute care settings.

This partnership follows the successful launch of a pilot program between and Virtua Health, known as the Virtual Nurse program. This program allows remote and bedside nurses to work together, with patients being able to communicate with nurses via two-way optical cameras. Additionally, family members can participate in these calls remotely.

Michael Capriotti, Senior Vice President of Integration and Strategic Operations at Virtua Health, expressed the company’s focus on enhancing the human aspects of healthcare. He stated, “Our focus is not just on integrating cutting-edge technologies but on enhancing the patient and care team experience, ensuring a safer, more efficient, and empathically connected healthcare experience.”


Back in 2022, secured million in funding led by Crescent Cove Advisors, a multi-asset investment firm.

Last year, the company also announced partnerships with BioIntelliSense and the Texas Hospital Association. The partnership with BioIntelliSense aimed to integrate their wearable, the BioButton, into’s Smart Care Facility Platform. Meanwhile, the collaboration with the Texas Hospital Association intended to promote statewide adoption of AI-powered patient monitoring.

In addition, partnered with Get Well, a patient engagement platform, to enable patients to connect with care teams via the interactive TV platform in patient rooms. Furthermore, they joined forces with Samsung to integrate their platform into Samsung’s displays, allowing for AI-powered patient monitoring.

Overall, continues to make significant strides in the healthcare industry, leveraging AI technology to enhance patient care and improve the efficiency of care facilities.