“Can 16 or 17-Year-Olds Use Yape App?”

In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, ensuring financial inclusion for young people has become a top priority. The popular mobile payment application, Yape, now offers a solution that empowers parents and children alike to manage finances in a safe and efficient manner.

Yape enables parents to open additional accounts in their name specifically for their minor children. This unique system allows teenagers to take charge of their finances and gradually learn important economic responsibilities under the supervision of a responsible adult. Here’s how you can create this type of account and what you can do with it.

Can 16 and 17-year-olds have Yape? Absolutely. Parents can set up an additional account on Yape in their name for the exclusive use of their children under 18. This account is linked to a separate mobile device, giving teens the independence to make transactions while still under adult guidance.

To register a minor on Yape, the process is straightforward. Simply download the app on a new device and choose the ‘only with your ID’ option when affiliating. It’s crucial to input the data of the responsible adult, not the minor. If the adult already has a Yape account linked to a DNI, there are two options available for creating a complementary account for their child.

Yape with DNI is a convenient registration method that allows users to access the app without the need for a bank account. By joining, a Yape savings account at BCP is automatically set up, streamlining the financial inclusion process for those without a debit card.

With Yape, the possibilities are endless. From making payments at over a million merchant establishments to sending collection notifications to friends and family, Yape provides a practical and versatile solution for financial management. Additionally, users can easily check financial transactions, view balances, pay for utilities, top up their phone, all from the convenience of their smartphone.