California R&D Center Transforms into Toyota’s Hydrogen Headquarters

Toyota’s California Research and Development Center is taking on a new role as the company’s Hydrogen Headquarters. This facility will now spearhead all hydrogen-related research and development for Toyota Motor North America.

The decision to rename the center reflects Toyota’s ongoing commitment to advancing hydrogen-powered vehicles despite recent challenges. By rebranding the R&D office in California as the “Hydrogen Headquarters” or H2HQ, Toyota is emphasizing its dedication to developing scalable, zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

According to Ted Ogawa, President and CEO of Toyota Motor North America, the company has been at the forefront of hydrogen fuel cell electric solutions for over three decades. The renaming of the facility underscores Toyota’s leadership in fuel cell development and its contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

In addition to the name change, Toyota has revamped the office space within the facility to better support hydrogen research activities. Plans include the installation of a flexible microgrid for green power supply, a sustainable customer education center, and other enhancements.

The California facility is already equipped with a 1.2-megawatt dynamometer, the largest in Toyota’s global network, and a test bench for stationary applications like generators. It also houses a hydrogen fueling station that accommodates both light and heavy-duty vehicles.

Prior to becoming the Hydrogen Headquarters, the California facility played a crucial role in Toyota’s hydrogen technology development, supporting projects like the Mirai and contributing to infrastructure growth in the state.

Looking ahead, the newly renamed Hydrogen Headquarters in California will focus entirely on advancing hydrogen-related technologies. Following the lead of Toyota’s counterparts in Europe and Japan, the North American H2HQ aims to commercialize new products and technologies in the hydrogen sector.