Blue Origin Aims to Land on Moon by 2025

Blue Origin, the space company founded by Jeff Bezos and a competitor of SpaceX, has set its sights on a 2025 uncrewed moon landing. John Couluris, Blue Origin’s Senior Vice President for Lunar Permanence, revealed this information during a recent interview. Although a specific date has not been finalized, the team working on Blue Origin’s Pathfinder version of the Mark 1 cargo lander is aiming for a moon landing within the next 12 to 16 months.

If the 2025 moon landing is successful, Blue Origin may follow up with a crewed mission shortly after. This milestone would be significant for the company, which has been trailing behind its main rival, SpaceX. The successful completion of the moon landing mission would demonstrate Blue Origin’s capability to deliver three tons of payload to any lunar location.

Landing on the moon is a complex and challenging endeavor, as evidenced by past attempts by various entities. Blue Origin envisions creating multiple cargo landers that can be stationed in lunar orbit, ready to transport cargo to the moon’s surface as needed. Additionally, the company plans to develop a crewed version of the lander to ferry NASA astronauts between the lunar surface and orbit.

The current Mark 1 lander is a one-time use vehicle, but insights gained from its mission will inform the development of reusable landers that can be refueled in orbit. While NASA is providing support for other Blue Origin moon missions, the Pathfinder mission is a project that the Bezos-owned company will manage independently. This approach underscores Blue Origin’s commitment to advancing space exploration and establishing a strong presence in the realm of lunar missions.