” billion in grants allocated for replacing old school buses by EPA”

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a new funding opportunity aimed at replacing older non-emission heavy-duty vehicles with zero-emission (ZE) vehicles, with nearly billion in grants available for this initiative. School buses are eligible to receive this grant under the School Bus Sub-Program.

The main goal of this grant is to reduce harmful emissions by incentivizing the replacement of older buses and speeding up the process of transitioning to zero-emission vehicles. It is expected that the School Bus Sub-Program will receive approximately 70 percent of the total funds allocated for this initiative.

Washington State, municipalities, tribes, and nonprofit school transportation associations are all eligible to apply for this grant. Region 10, which includes Washington, is set to receive around million from the available funds.

Interested parties can find more information about the program on the EPA website at epa.gov. Applications for the grant will be accepted until July 25 and can be submitted electronically through grants.gov. This funding opportunity presents a significant step towards reducing emissions and increasing the use of zero-emission vehicles in heavy-duty transportation.