A Small Change Resulted in a Complete Transformation of a 753-Square-Foot Madrid Apartment

The team at Estudio Reciente in Madrid, led by architect Carlos Tomás, recently completed a project to reimagine a 753-square-foot apartment in the city’s Lavapiés neighborhood. The project, although smaller in scope compared to their usual renovations, still reflects the studio’s distinctive style and identity.

The renovation was a subtle touch-up rather than a complete transformation, but it left both the neighbors and the owner impressed with the final result. The client, a book and art enthusiast, challenged the studio to update the apartment without losing its original essence, all while working with a limited budget and tight schedule.

Despite typically working on larger projects, Estudio Reciente took on the challenge with a minimalist approach that aimed to enhance the existing space with minimal intervention. The team reimagined the relationship between the entry, living room, and primary bedroom by installing a custom bookshelf that added order to the floor plan and structure to the apartment’s layout.

Overall, the project showcases the studio’s ability to create impactful changes with just a few key elements, highlighting their talent for enhancing space and functionality through thoughtful design.