A new battery storage facility in Texas marks a significant shift in energy for the Lone Star State

Spanish renewables developer Greenalia is expanding its reach into the United States with its first project – a 1.9-gigawatt solar, wind, and battery storage facility in Texas. This marks a significant milestone for the company as it looks to develop a 3-GW portfolio in the U.S. across solar, wind, and battery technologies.

Greenalia is known for its expertise in renewable energy projects, having developed 40 projects in Spain, including the country’s first offshore floating wind farms. The company’s decision to enter the U.S. market was influenced by the government’s efforts to incentivize renewable energy development, particularly through the Inflation Reduction Act which provides monetary incentives for companies investing in wind and solar energy projects.

CEO Manuel García highlighted the U.S. government’s commitment to renewable energies as a driving force behind Greenalia’s expansion into the U.S. market. While some Texas politicians have been resistant to renewable energy due to ties to traditional energy companies, Texans have shown a growing interest in clean energy solutions.

The move towards renewable energy in Texas has been supported by both large companies and individual homeowners. A University of Houston poll revealed that 64% of Texas voters are in favor of expanding reliance on solar power plants.

News of Greenalia’s project was well-received by environmental enthusiasts, with many expressing the need for more renewable energy projects to replace fossil fuel-based sources. The transition to cleaner energy sources is crucial to avoid the devastating impacts of climate change.

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