‘£22.5m LED lighting project finished in Leeds’

Leeds City Council Completes LED Lighting Scheme for Energy Efficiency

Leeds City Council has announced the successful completion of its LED lighting scheme, which aimed to improve energy efficiency in street lighting across the city. The program, which began in December 2018, has converted over 89,000 streetlights to new LED lamps in partnership with Enerveo, a subcontractor to Tay Valley Lighting.

The council estimates that the completion of the LED Lighting Scheme will result in significant annual savings of £3.4 million in electricity costs at current energy prices. The conversion to LED lighting is projected to reduce street lighting energy consumption by about 62%, leading to 7,050 tonnes of carbon savings. These savings have already been observed throughout the lamp replacement process.

The new LED lanterns offer increased durability and recyclability, contributing to enhanced efficiency and reduced emissions from maintenance visits. A public consultation conducted from November 2017 to January 2018 showed strong support for the upgrade, with over 80% of respondents endorsing the initiative.

Councillor Helen Hayden, Executive Member for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, attended the installation of the final LED light on Edith Sykes Drive in east Leeds, marking the conclusion of the project. Councillor Hayden emphasized the importance of the LED Lighting Scheme in enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability in the city, noting that it will deliver immediate cost savings and pave the way for future advancements in smart technology.

Tom Cunningham, Director of Tay Valley Lighting (Leeds), expressed his delight in supporting Leeds City Council’s investment in the LED lantern works. He highlighted the benefits of the investment, including local employment opportunities, reduced energy consumption, and maintenance activities that have led to significant cost savings for the council and carbon reduction impacts from the project.

The completion of the LED Lighting Scheme represents a significant milestone in Leeds’ efforts to promote energy efficiency and sustainability, setting the stage for a more environmentally friendly city.