‘2024 – Partnership between Orange and BNP Paribas for Orange Bank – 02/27/2024 at 09:10’

Orange and BNP Paribas have officially announced the completion of their exclusive negotiations initiated in June 2023. The agreements signed between the two companies solidify their collaboration, particularly through a referencing agreement involving the Orange Bank customer base in France.

As part of this collaboration, Hello bank!, the BNP Paribas mobile banking platform, will provide Orange Bank customers in France with an exclusive offer. This offer includes a simplified process and specialized support to access a wide range of daily banking services and solutions.

In addition to the referencing agreement, Orange Bank and BNP Paribas Personal Finance, operating under the Cetelem brand, have also finalized a commercial agreement. This agreement aims to facilitate the transition of Orange Bank customers in Spain to Cetelem’s digital banking solutions throughout 2024.

This partnership signifies a strategic move for both Orange and BNP Paribas to enhance their customer offerings and expand their digital banking services. Stay tuned for more updates on this collaboration between these two industry giants.