Emirates News Agency – “Fan” takes the talented animation industry in “A Journey with Mulhim”


    Sharjah, June 15 / WAM / “Fan” – the institution specializing in promoting and supporting media art for children and young adults – announced the opening of registration for the “Journey with an Inspirer” program, which aims to refine artistic and creative skills for young people in the age group / 15-18 / as you want to develop their skills and translate their passion for making animated films into a future career.

    The training program is aimed at young people who have expertise and experience in 2D animation, where participants’ skills and expertise will be developed to transform their ideas into animation using animation programs that suit their level of expertise and their own devices.

    Interviews will be conducted to evaluate applications based on the interests and hobbies of their owners as well as the applications and software they use and their previous business models and provide ideas to turn them into animation if selected to participate in the limited space program.

    The program forms a link between young people who are passionate about producing and making animation with a number of experts, whose professional careers are a source of inspiration for young people to take from their experiences and take advantage of their expertise and guide them to the necessary steps to develop their skills in this widespread artistic sector.

    The program includes special sessions between the talented student and the inspirational expert to discuss, advise, and develop appropriate development plans.

    Those who wish to participate must register via the link https://funn.ae/mentorship-funn/.

    Umm / Batoul Kashwani / Mustafa Badr Al-Din