Young Souls now headed to PS4, Xbox, Switch and Stadia


    The Arcade Crew’s and 1P2P Studio‘s upcoming title, Young Souls, is now heading to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Previously only announced for the PC (Steam), Young Souls is a co-op title that will send players in a number of dungeons and put them against some imposing boss battles. It sounds like my kind of game, that’s for sure. 

    As for what the gameplay is like, from what we can tell from the trailer, this is a beat ’em game with RPG elements. Games that we really don’t see much of anymore. Has anyone ever played Guardian Heroes once upon a time ago? This is what Young Souls reminds me of.


    Young Souls’ engrossing narrative finds its twin heroes searching for their guardian, a professor who mysteriously vanished just before Jenn and Tristan discovered an inexplicable portal within his estate. The twins now spend their days roaming their quaint town, gaining advantages through gym sessions and buying fresh outfits ahead of their all-night fights to clear dungeons brimming with foes. With the fate of their most cherished companion as well as the greater world in their hands, Jenn and Tristan must brave immeasurable dangers and endure the defining battles of their lives.

    • Fight with Jenn and Tristan, solo or in co-op, and experience the adventures of the twins and the two worlds through a beautifully crafted story and polished dialogue.
    • Customise your gear by unlocking hundreds of weapons, armour sets, and accessories, and then prepare to fight hordes of enemies and over 20 fearsome bosses.
    • Explore the four unique biomes of the goblin world and complete dozens of dungeons in your quest to save the world, your reputation, and the professor.
    • Pass from one world to the other through day and night and make the most of each environment. Enjoy stunning scenery and a unique atmosphere as you wander the streets of Portsbourgh.

    There’s no release date currently set for Young Souls, but the trailer says the game will be released this Fall 2021. After waiting on this game for a while now, I really hope it does finally release this year. Of course, delay for as much as needed if it means this game is gonna be the best that it can be.

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