Xbox Series X is Testing Out a 4K Dashboard for its Home Screen, UI—PS5 to do the Same?


    The Xbox Series X has recently announced that it is testing out a “4K Dashboard” for its home screen and user interface (UI) within the gaming console for gamers to utilize. Microsoft is bringing a new feature that would elevate the experience with its latest console, bordering on the cornerstone of display technology that is the 4K.

    Not only would this maximize the function and performance of the Xbox Series X, but would also utilize the use of a 4K Television, which is one of the world standards when it comes to display technology. 

    Xbox Series X 4K Dashboard

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    According to the Xbox Insider’s Alpha Skip Ahead Release Notes, the team is on the verge of developing a 4K dashboard for the Xbox Series X, which is a massive change for the display technology. It would improve from the FHD display of 1920x1080p to the latest 4096x2160p for 4K. 

    The main focus of the upgrade is on the home screen and UI of the Xbox Series X, and it would help gamers make the most out of their gaming experience with the Microsoft console. It would improve text readability and sharpness for the home screen, and other aspects of the console. 

    It is known that the Xbox’s latest console both the Series S and X are 4K machines, but have been only utilizing its 4K with games that are optimized for them. Also, note that this would change if one is using a non 4K television or display. 

    The release would be available by August 16 but is a mandatory update by August 17, which would begin at 3 AM Pacific Time. 

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    What is a 4K Dashboard?

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    A 4K dashboard is a straightforward thing and has no hidden features or agendas for users. It would be a 4K display from top to bottom, available for users that have the same resolution television connected to their Xbox Series X.

    The console would bring 4K functionality to most of its functions, and not just in games, as the dashboard would be something as important as the game display. 

    Focusing on the dashboard only shows that Microsoft is planning a massive thing for the Xbox Series X, and uses it to be the significant console of the modern era. 

    Sony, PS5 No Plans?

    As the PS5 was released in 2020, Sony said that its displays were already in 4K HDR, including its dashboard display or home screen. To say the least, it has beaten the Xbox Series X in this aspect, as the company is only debuting this now.

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