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    In October last year, Microsoft announced that it would temporarily close the “Xbox Design Lab”, making it impossible for gamers to customize the color scheme of the Xbox series controllers. Of course, many people speculate that it may be that Microsoft is busy with the release of the Xbox Series S/X game console and has no time to take care of other businesses during the transition of the next-generation game console.

    Xbox Design Lab“It is a service launched by Microsoft in 2016 that allows gamers to customize the color matching of the Xbox One controller, which is loved by many gamers. The Xbox Series S/X controller is relaunched this time, based on the original Xbox One controller. Small adjustments have been made to meet the needs of more gamers. At present, the United States, Canada and some European countries can place an order at a price of $69.99 (the suggested retail price of the original handle plus $10). If needed Additional engraving service requires an additional $9.99. The custom handle allows users to engrave text within 16 characters. After the user places the order, it will be delivered within two weeks, and it will not take too long.

    This custom service allows players to choose the color of various parts of the handle, including the main body of the handle, the back panel, the arrow keys, the shoulder keys, the trigger key, the joystick, the ABXY key and the three function keys. According to the introduction of the official website, there are 18 colors for players to choose, including all the existing colors of the current Xbox Series X/S controller, and the choice of color matching and combination is quite rich.

    The handles of the Microsoft Xbox series are not only suitable for game consoles, but also for PCs. They have always been regarded as the best choice by many computer gamers due to their outstanding hand feel. At the same time, most game developers preset the PC version of the game. It is also the button setting of the Xbox series controller.


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