Worms Rumble lands the shots on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass and Nintendo Switch

    worms rumble xbox

    We’re all for change but that doesn’t mean we’re sure that the iconic Worms needed a move from the standard turn-based gameplay which saw it fare so well for years. But that’s what happened when Worms Rumble released on PC and PlayStation back in 2020 as real-time action found its way into the series. It worked though, so well in fact that it’s time for more gamers to experience it. Welcome Worms Rumble to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch – and yes, this is another that makes the most of the power of Xbox Game Pass for good measure. 

    Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox (fully optimised for Series X|S) and Nintendo Switch consoles, Worms Rumble is the first real-time action instalment of one of gaming’s most loved franchises. it comes rocking a £10.99 price tag but thanks to the effect of Xbox Game Pass, subscribers will find themselves being able to fall in love with our little wriggly friends once again, for no further cost. 

    Worms Rumble sees players entering a fast-paced arena, before battling it out with up to 31 other players all utiilsing real-time combat strategies. With various game modes included – Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Last Worm Standing and more – all the usual offerings that you’d expect of a game from the genre to hold are here. 

    It’s just Worms Rumble brings a slight change to the norm as all the action is totally focused on our age-old Worms friends as they go at it, hammer and tongs, with fan favourite weapons like the Sheep Launcher and Holy Hand Grenade present. The Grapple Gun is also in play – seriously, it wouldn’t be a Worms game without that – and so as you take on friends, family and strangers from across the globe, the usual Worms tactics will fast come into play. 

    Customisation is at the heart of this battle too though and as you’d expect to hear Worms Rumbler allows for more than 1000 options in terms of how you kit your Worms out. You can then also through in Lab events in the hope you can master the skills required to become a proper Worms master. 

    Those key features in summary include:

    • Fast-paced, arena action: Open fire in six varied arenas in up-to-32-player, real-time combat across five solo and team-based game modes, including Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and the battle royale mode, Last Worm Standing
    • Take aim across the platforms: Take on friends, frenemies, and unfamiliars whatever the platform, with cross-play matchmaking
    • Make your Worm its own: Choose and unlock over 1000 options to full customise your worm, from outfits and hats, to eye colour and teeth shape; further personalise the weapons they wield with additional skins to unlock
    • Lock and load your arsenal: Crates across the arenas contain a host of weapons and items, including fan favourites like the Sheep Launcher, Holy Hand Grenade, and Grapple Gun.
    • Regular Lab events:The time-limited event Lab mode provides preset maps, weapons, and gameplay mechanics for players to master and unlock new skins

    But that’s not all and whilst the base game has gone down brilliantly on PlayStation and PC since launch, as release hits on Xbox and Nintendo Switch (and the Epic Game Store for that matter), Team17 are throwing out a new arena – Spaceport Showdown. It’s this which sees players heading for the stars, throwing them into an arena that comes with randomly generated low-gravity mechanics. There are also additional skins present for each platform and whilst Nintendo Switch players can enjoy a free Patchwork Bear outfit, us Xbox folk can get access to a rather nifty looking Series Green Hoodie. 

    We will of course let you know how Worms Rumble plays out on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S through Xbox Game Pass in the coming days – keep an eye out for our full review. In the meantime, head to the Store of your choosing and take home a download right now. The Xbox Store plays host of the base game for £10.99 whilst there are a ton of additional DLC packs you could well consider too. You’ll also find the game present on those of PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

    And if you prefer to hold something in your hands, standby for a physical release of Worms Rumble on all platforms come July 13th 2021.

    Game Description:

    Worms Rumble is Worms like you’ve never played it before, with intense, real-time, arena-based 32 player cross-platform combat. Get ready for Deathmatch and Last Worm Standing modes where you’re only ever a Holy Hand Grenade away from death! Use a variety of fan-favourite weapons like the Bazooka, Shotgun and Sheep Launcher plus all-new additions to the armoury to bring the pain to your invertebrate opponents as you climb the ranks. Customise your worm, take part in challenges and seasonal events and experiment with new ways to play in The Lab. This is Worms, reinvented. 

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