World War Z Aftermath release date set for September


    Saber Interactive has announced that World War Z Aftermath, the expanded version of their hit co-op zombie shooter, will release on 21st September. At this point the game will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, ahead of a current generation upgrade to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2022.


    What’s new for WWZ Aftermath

    Announced at E3 2021, World War Z Aftermath will still be a sizeable expansion, even without the new generation version on day one. All of the previously released content added to with new characters to play as, a new Vanguard class, new enemy types and a new first person mode. There will be three new story locations to play through in Rome, Vatican City and Kamchatka, and the gameplay has been enhanced with dual-wield weapons and an overhauled melee combat system.

    Will the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S upgrade be free?

    Yes… and no. WWZ Aftermath will be available for $39.99, or as a paid expansion for WWZ owners will be able to upgrade to Aftermath for $19.99. Only owners of Aftermath will receive the upgrade for PS5 and XSX|S, while the original game will remain without an upgrade.

    Even without that, WWZ Aftermath will have 4K and 60fps support on PS5 and XSX via backward compatibility. The real perk for the current gen upgrade will be the new Horde XL game mode that is strictly added for PS5, XSX|S and PC. This will add hundreds more on-screen zombies to really overwhelm your defences.

    World War Z Aftermath DLC

    World War Z has already had tons of updates and added content since its release in 2019, but even back at the very start, this was a great co-op zombie shooter. In our World War Z review Nicole said:

    “It’s safe to say that World War Z doesn’t shy away from its undeniable likeness to Valve’s 10 year old masterpiece. In borrowing many of that game’s ideas, from its AI engine to the uncannily similar special zombies, it’s actually become a spiritual successor that can scratch that Left 4 Dead itch. World War Z might lack in originality, but this isn’t enough to deter from the brainless, fast-paced, cooperative shooter action that you can effortlessly sink hours into and unknowingly get a real soft spot for.”

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