When is The Good Life by Swery Coming Out? Release Date, PS4, Xbox, Switch, PC Trailer


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    The Good Life by Swery is back with a new trailer and finally a new release date estimate, we have the details below.

    The Good Life is the brand new game by Hidetaka Suehiro, Swery, scenario writer of The Last Blade and scenarist/director of Deadly Premonition, D4 Dark Dreams Don’t Die, and The Missing.

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    The Good Life by Swery – Release date

    Playism announced at Indie Live Expo 2021 that The Good Life will be launching worldwide in Fall 2021. The game is pretty much coming to all platforms.

    The Good Life was delayed multiple times now, so many fans myself included are eagerly waiting for the game to launch for years now. Hopefully this time’s the right one.

    The Good Life explained, new trailer

    The protagonist of the story is Naomi Hayward, a journalist in debt, strangely realistic situation, who ends up leaving New York to investigate a small town in England. Turns out all the inhabitants transform into cats and dogs at night. Naomi herself ends up transforming as well.

    Now stuck in the same situation as the inhabitants of Rainy woods, Naomi tries to solve the mysteries and secrets hidden to uncover the truth and turn back to normal.

    Naomi will encounter several situations, which she’ll be able to solve either as a human or as an animal.

    Our protagonist can also take photos with her camera and sell her work to pay back her debt, and make her life and investigation easier. Naomi can also cook, grow vegetables, and socialize with the townspeople at the pub.

    Playism also shared a brand new trailer at Indie Live Expo 2021. You can find it below.

    The Good Life – Price, platforms

    • Developer: White Owls Inc./Grounding INC.
    • Publisher: PLAYISM
    • Genre: Simulator of paying back your debts while enjoying life
    • Platforms PC(Steam/Microsoft Store)
    • Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S
    • Release date: Fall 2021
    • Price: 2,980 Yen (Tax included)
    • Single player only

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