Vintage Nintendo games net $30,000 for Goodwill


    HARRISBURG — The sale of some gaming equipment on the e-commerce site for Goodwill Keystone Area has resulted in a record amount for the agency.

    When the brand-new Nintendo game system and package of 27 game cartridges — still in their original packaging and in mint condition — came into Goodwill’s Hanover store in York County recently, employee Nichole Garcia thought the items might be something special.

    She was right.

    All of the employees at Goodwill are trained to look for unique items that would likely sell for a higher price on Goodwill’s auction website,, rather than in the store.

    When Garcia saw the gaming system and games, she thought they belonged on the auction site.

    First to be auctioned off was the gaming system — with a final bid surpassing $650.

    Based on that result, Garcia thought the packaged games would have a “good chance” of returning value, according to Goodwill Keystone Area.

    “My brother-in-law sells collectible items and knows about Nintendo systems and games,” Garcia said in a press release. “I’ve picked up a thing or two from him and thought these cartridges would be of interest.

    “I had no idea the final bid would land where it did, but was thrilled,” Garcia said.

    Over the course of eight days, 143 bidders placed bids for the game cartridges, which were auctioned as a package.

    The final sale price —$30,002 — was the highest selling item of any merchandise that Goodwill Keystone Area has placed for auction.

    According to Mark McGaffin, director of publics relations, Goodwill Keystone Area has been selling items online for about 20 years, and “was one of the first Goodwills to sell items on the auction platform.” In fact, the site is the first e-commerce auction platform created, owned and operated by a nonprofit organization, according to the agency.

    So what will Goodwill Keystone Area do with the proceeds? All items sold on, and revenue from the sale and recycling of donated items at the organization’s 44 retail stores and outlet centers across 22 counties in central and southeastern Pennsylvania, fund Goodwill’s job training, career development and education services for those in need.

    In the latest fiscal year ending June 30, 2021, Goodwill Keystone Area generated $3.2 million in revenue through the online sale of items pulled from the organization’s vast inventory of donated goods.

    For more information or to see items listed for sale on the site visit

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