Trifox brings twin-stick action platforming adventure to Switch in 2022


    Publisher Big Sugar and developer Glowfish Interactive have announced top-down twin-stick action adventure platformer Trifox for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, with a demo already available on Steam. The game is inspired by “classic platformers,” though in its announcement trailer, the twin-stick shooter/melee action shines through most obviously.

    The premise of Trifox is that the titular character has his TV remote stolen, and that is enough to send him on a world-spanning adventure to get it back. The “tri” in his name stems from the fact that he can swap between three combat classes — Warrior, Mage, and Engineer — and he can even combine two classes at a time to use hybrid powers; using magic and a Gatling gun simultaneously is no big deal. You can collect and spend coins to unlock the game’s 30 abilities, including Spike Slam, Shield Bubble, and Guided Missile. In-between the copious action against mobs of enemies,  you will be solving environmental puzzles as well.

    Trifox will be coming to Nintendo Switch and its other announced platforms in 2022, which means the poor guy is going to be waiting a while to get his TV remote back. Glowfish Interactive better work fast.

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