Top 5 things to change in GTA 5 if it is ported to Android devices


    GTA 5 and its online counterpart have been one of the longest-running GTA games in history. Since GTA 6 still has a long way to go, many mobile gamers expect an Android/iOS port of the popular game.

    Rockstar Games releasing a mobile port to GTA 5 is, however, very unlikely to happen. While a Switch offering is still likely, HD Universe games won’t see an official mobile release anytime soon.

    Although there are a few unofficial ports in development, they are quite downgraded compared to the PC/console versions. If a GTA 5 port were to be released right now, it could benefit from many positive changes.

    Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of its writer.

    GTA 5: Five changes that an Android port could bring

    1) Improved shaders

    Since an Android smartphone has inferior technology compared to high-end PCs, running GTA 5 would require some clever adjustments. One method would be to simplify the shaders without making the visuals look bad.

    There are many mods for GTA 5 on PC which already utilize such tricks. Reducing the draw distance and NPC population may become necessary, but it doesn’t have to be too drastic.

    2) Improved melee

    The melee combat in GTA 5 felt ridiculously overpowered compared to its predecessor. A handheld release could benefit from enhanced melee mechanics since it would feel more immersive on mobiles.

    There’s no need for some drastic changes to make melee combat enjoyable. A better counterattack and smarter AI would be enough.

    3) Simplified flying

    The flying controls in GTA 5 have gained much criticism. While it may still be manageable on PC/consoles, if the same were to be applied to mobiles, it would be a disaster.

    GTA San Andreas for mobile didn’t implement flight controls properly, ending up with lesser precision than the PC/console editions.

    4) Target lock

    GTA 5 simplified many aspects of its gameplay compared to its predecessors, including driving, general combat, and even aiming, adding a new assisted aiming feature.

    Aiming with the mobile touchscreen is quite difficult for most players. Since GTA 5 is a single-player game, it could benefit from having an even more simplified assisted aiming that locks onto targets like 3D Universe games on Android.

    5) Voice navigation

    Voice-assisted navigation was a novel feature introduced in GTA 4. It made driving high-end vehicles a different experience altogether, as players could focus on the road instead of the minimap.

    Since a mobile screen is much smaller, it can be pretty tricky to keep track of the minimap constantly. Thus, voice-assisted navigation would be a much-needed feature if an Android version of GTA 5 were to implement it.

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