The Xbox Series S wants to be more portable than ever with xScreen, the 1080p 60Hz screen that triumphs on Kickstarter


    There are projects in Kickstarter that do not come to fruition. Ideas that are launched on the crowdfunding platform and do not end up coming out ahead. However, we can also find proposals that go forward immediately.

    This is the case of xScreen, a screen for the Xbox Series S which has taken a few minutes to raise the little more than 8,000 euros that its creators, Upspec Gaming, were asking for. For now, it already accumulates more than 41,000 euros obtained by the public. This product is about a 11.6-inch screen that achieves 1080p resolution at 60Hz Anywhere.

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    The magic of the matter is that you can connect it in any situation and have an Xbox Series S portable. It is not necessary to have external power or any other type of connection for the specific screen. As you can see in the video, the coupling to the system is really simple, since it has safety hooks.

    Another detail to keep in mind is that can be folded, providing even more that laptop feature, in addition to having support for place it vertically totally. The xScreen weighs 695 grams, comes with two stereo speakers, sound controls, brightness, and more.

    The minimum price for the contribution and getting the unit is about 160 euros. An initiative that is successful and we hope that all backers will be able to have their xScreen at home.

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