The Streets of Rage 4 DLC patch for Nintendo Switch is now live!


    – A very annoying little bug prevented Switch owners from purchasing the Mr. X Nightmare DLC: it’s now fixed! –

    Paris, July 27, 2021 – Publisher and developer Dotemu, in collaboration with Lizardcube Studios and Guard Crush Games, today announces that it has fixed the critical bug that prevented fans from purchasing additional content Mr. X Nightmare on Nintendo Switch! This highly anticipated (and appreciated!) DLC for the global hit Streets of Rage 4 released last week for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, GOG, and the Windows Store for $ 7.99. Critics, like gamers, are raving about it, but a technical glitch on Nintendo Switch has so far prevented fans of thunderous action from accessing the game.

    Switch players must first launch the original game to locate the DLC.

    “We would like to apologize to our Nintendo Switch players. This problem should never have arisen and we are very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. »Declares Cyrille Imbert, Executive Director of Dotemu. “We greatly appreciate the support from each of you, and we assure you that we will be very careful that this never happens again from now on. “

    Streets of Rage 4 players on Nintendo Switch can now download the DLC, with a 15% discount off the base price.

    Mr. X Nightmare sees new features added to Streets of Rage 4 :

    • New playable fighters: powerful policewoman Estel Aguirre makes her debut on the good side of justice, while Shiva and Max Thunder of Streets of Rage 2 & 3 arrive to put some slaps in the last episode of the mythical series
    • Survival Mode: An inventive and particularly replayable challenge, the survival mode sees the fighters fighting against endless waves of enemies and gaining powers between each assault until their inevitable death. Chance makes every matchup unpredictable with randomly generated runs, while weekly challenges, similar for all players, will push the best fighters to their limits if they want to secure a good place in the online leaderboards. Each successful level opens access to a skill to be selected from among several, offered at random.
    • New moves: Braving the onslaught of survival mode also unlocks new moves permanently, for use in all battle modes. Streets of Rage 4. Players can customize the hit list of their favorite fighters, including retro characters.
    • An arsenal badass: progression unlocks access to devastating new weapons in training mode, as well as in the gallery.
    • From leaderboards to show who the boss is: online leaderboards keep track of the best runs in the community. Who will be the greatest fighter in Wood Oak City?
    • New music: keep the groove on with a wonderful original OST signed Tee Lopes (Sonic Mania, League of Legends).
    • And that’s not all : A free, standalone DLC update adds a full training system, color choices for character outfits, a nifty new New Mania + difficulty setting, and a ton of tweaks and balances made following the feedback from the passionate community of Streets of Rage 4.

    Streets of Rage 4 revitalized the iconic beat’em all series when it released in spring 2020 on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. After a notable 25-year absence, the series has moved into the modern era with panache thanks to Streets of Rage 4, which received a particularly warm reception by critics and the public when it was released. The game offers new fighters but also some famous faces from the series, magnificent pencil graphics, new game mechanics and abilities, pixel art characters to unlock as well as a soundtrack that pays homage to the original identity of the series, which made its success in the 90s.

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