The release date of “Zero~The Witch of the Crow~” is announced! The “photo mode”, new costumes and hidden elements after breaking the level “Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water” are revealed

    Taiwan Koei Tecmo announced that the Japanese style horror adventure game “Zero ~ The Witch of the Crow ~“(Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox X|S / Xbox One / Steam) will be released on October 28, 2021 (Thursday), and will be available for pre-order on July 29, 2021 (Thursday).

    On the eve of the opening of the pre-order, the official also released the latest trailer. In addition to introducing the story of this work with a newly upgraded high-quality screen, you can also see the new additional element “photograph mode” and images of new costumes.

    Zero ~ The Witch of the Crow ~“introduce

    The “Zero” series was launched on December 13, 2001 (Thursday) by Tecumo (now Koei Tecumo), the first work “Zero” (software for PlayStation 2). The camera of “Fight against the ghost with no entity.” In 2014, the “Zero ~ The Witch of the Crow ~“Is the fifth work in the “Zero” series. It launched movies, novels, and comics across the media, which was a topic at the time. This year, when the series is approaching its 20th anniversary, Hefeng Horror will be resurrected again with high quality.


    “Ri Shang Shan” has been worshipped as a spiritual place since ancient times, and the surrounding area has a special heritage of faith. On this mountain, the “water” is regarded as the god body, and it has the concept of reincarnation that “being born from water, and returning from water.” For this reason, it is believed that if a person “who wants to face the death” visits this mountain and dies when they touch the water of this mountain, they will be truly dead.

    In addition, in addition to the special rituals and customs still remaining here, there have also been many miserable bizarre cases and incredible incidents. This story is based on the stage called “Rising Mountain”, a weird fantasy that is intertwined by Fang Xili, Fushengren, and Hina Saki Fukaha.

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    Game content

    The protagonists of this game explored everywhere in order to find the people or things that disappeared in the “Sunshang Mountain” known as the “Mountain of Death”, which is feared by people. They can only rely on the faint light of the flashlight and the camera “projector” that can shoot things that are invisible to the naked eye, and repel the ghosts one by one. The protagonists each embark on exploration with different purposes and ideas, and what will be waiting for them after solving the mystery…?


    The “projector”, an ancient camera with the ability to seal, that can repel the evil spirits through photography is also an indispensable and important prop in this work. Equipped with an enhanced lens or changing the negatives can carry out more powerful photography. For example, flying the Wraith’s “spiritual film” at the moment of photography, or shooting a “Fatal Shot” when the Wraith is approaching, can inflict extremely high damage on the Wraith. In addition, the “projector machine” also has a very important position in exploration or puzzle solving. It can take pictures of “invisible things” to obtain clues to find lost objects.

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    See the shadow

    The special power inherited in the surrounding area of ​​Rishang Mountain can be used to track the disappeared people or things. Holding the “Yoxiang” left by the disappeared people and objects in your hand, you can sense the “after-image” of the image from the past. Just look for the white misty “afterimage” and chase the disappeared person, and the mystery will be solved.

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    When the Wraith Spirit is about to be eliminated, you can know why the Wraith Spirit is dead by touching it. If you want to touch something you care about during the exploration, you might be touched by the ghost instead.

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    Remaster version features

    Added “Photo Mode”

    Added a new “photo mode” that can freely configure characters, spirits, and specify postures to take pictures. You can make the scary places in the game look like you want. Maybe you can take supernatural photos that you didn’t expect at all.

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    Add character costumes

    Some of the original costume styles have been changed, and additional costumes for Xili, Shenyu, and Ren are added. It is also fun to help the character put on new clothes and explore with a completely different feeling.

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      Xili・”Iron Man Costume”

    • image

      Fukaha・「Golden Lolly Model」

    List of new clothes in this article


    • Xili・「Punker Model」

    • Xi Li · “Golden Lolly Model (Black)”

    • Xi Li · “Swimsuit (Blue)”

    • Xili・”Iron Man Costume”

    • Fukaha・”Golden Lolly Model (White)”

    • Fukaha・「Swimsuit (yellow)」

    • Fukaha・「Swimsuit (Pink)」

    • Fukaha・”Hinasaki’s Crimson Costume (Tattoos)”

    • Lotus・”Groom outfit”


    • Yuri / Shirayuri

    • Xili·Widowmaker

    • Fukaha / Shirayuri

    • Deep Lily Widowmaker

    • Xili · Maid Hair Hoop

    • Fukaba・maid headband

    • Xili·Birdcage Ring

    • Deep Feather・Bird Cage Ring

    ※ This work does not include Wii U-version costumes-Xili “Swimsuit”, Fukaha “Bikini”.

    After this chapter is cleared…

    You can operate the character “Ayane” (CV: Yamazaki and Kana) from “NINJA GAIDEN” to experience special missions! The secret mission: Ayane chapter, as long as you complete the “Ichi no Shizuku” to “End Shizuku” level, you can play. The protagonist is the “Ninja” of the misty god stream “Bashenmen”. Unlike the people such as Yuri and Fukahan in this article, they cannot use the projector. Instead, they will use their ninja abilities and are good at hiding in the dark. Hidden in the dark, avoid the resentful spirits, complete missions, and experience different styles of gameplay.

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    Product information

    Early purchase benefits

    • Xili Limited Costume “Lysha’s Costume” “Lysha’s Hat”

    ※ The download version is available for purchase within two weeks of sale.

    ※ May be used for paid downloads in the future.

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    Digital Deluxe Edition content

    • Zero ~ The Witch of the Crow ~ Chinese version” game this article

    • 20th Anniversary Digital Print Book

    • Historical character costumes

      • Xili costume “Amanakura Mio’s costume”

      • Yuri Costume “Kurosawa Rei’s Costume”

      • Fukaba costume “Hinasaki Crimson Costume 1”

      • Fukaba costume “Hinasaki Crimson Costume 2”

      • Fukaba costume “Amanura Cocoon’s costume”

      • Lotus costume “Firefly Amakura’s costume”


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