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The new model will feature wider internal memory, a larger screen, improved sound quality and a network connection directly to the console


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Sunday, 19 September 2021, 12:00 Updated: 12:05

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Nintendo Switch OLED Model (Nintendo)

Nintendo Israel announces that starting today (Sunday, September 19, 21), the pre-order of the Nintendo Switch console (OLED model) in Israel will open and will be available for purchase on the website, at the Nintendo flagship store in Dizengoff Center, Tel. Spring, and at authorized resellers.

The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) has similar dimensions to the familiar console, with a larger and more colorful OLED screen, size 7 “, with vivid colors and high contrast. Stable online game, 64GB internal storage and built-in speakers for enhanced portable or desktop sound.

Like previous Nintendo Switch models, the new model will allow players to play on the TV and share the Joy-Con with their friends for fun multiplayer gaming, and just like the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles also model The OLED can be carried anywhere to enjoy a variety of game options.

OLED accessories such as a carrying case and a screen protector are also available for OLED.

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(Photo: Official Website, Nintendo Israel)

Along with the launch of the console, the game Metroid Dread is also launched, a direct sequel to Metroid Fusion and is the new title in the two-dimensional Metroid saga that began with the original game on the NES console. With the bright and colorful OLED screen, the departure for the next intergalactic adventure of bounty hunter Samus Aran will feel even more enveloping than before. The game is also now available by pre-order.

The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) will provide users with enhanced experiences in all three game modes: TV mode: Place your Nintendo Switch console (OLED model) on the dock to play switch games on the TV. By using the physical network (LAN) connection, users can enjoy another way to connect to the network in TV mode.

Desktop Mode: Open the leg on the back of the console and use the console screen to play multiplayer games using the two Joy-Con included, right out of the box.

The wide adjustable leg provides a durable and solid foundation.

It also allows players to tilt the console over a wider range in favor of better viewing angles, making it easier to see the screen.

Mobile mode: Users can bring the console wherever they want in mobile mode and play local or online games with friends.

The 7 “OLED screen will provide vivid colors and high contrast.

(Photo: Official Website, Nintendo Israel)

The Nintendo Switch console (OLED model) is available for purchase in two colors: white, which comes with white Joy-buyers and a black console with a white docking station, and in neon red / neon blue colors, which come with blue-red joicons, a black console and a stand Black docking.

All existing Joy-buyers for the Nintendo Switch are compatible with the new model.

In addition, the Nintendo Switch (model (OLED) is suitable for any existing Nintendo Switch game library. Buyers in advance can receive the console by pre-order with a courier to the house or choose self-collection – at the night launch event scheduled to take place on the night between 7.10 and 8.10 In the flagship store of Nintendo Israel, in Dizengoff Center Tel Aviv.

(Photo: Official Website, Nintendo Israel)

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