“The Last Battle: Infinite” will not have multiplayer cooperation or Forge map editor and other modes at the beginning of its launch.


    Halo Infinite

    “Halo: Infinite” stillAiming at this year’s Christmas consumption seasonIt is launched on PC, Xbox, and Xbox cloud gaming platforms, but some game modes will not be able to keep up with the launch of the game.in aDeveloper update video343 Industries stated that in order to take into account the quality of the game at the time of launch, they must choose to focus on the single-player plot mode and the multiplayer PVP mode, so including the multiplayer cooperative plot mode and the Forge function of the map editor will be It is delayed.

    In terms of specific time, the current plan is to launch the multiplayer cooperative story mode along with the “Second Season” (about three months after the game is launched), and Forge will wait until the “Season Three” (approximately About six months after the game went live). However, these schedules are tentative and may be revised depending on the situation in the future. The plot mode of multiplayer cooperation has always been the standard equipment of the “Last War” series, while the Forge mode has been available since “The Last War 3”, allowing players to create customized maps and rules.

    Although it is to ensure quality, this delay will inevitably disappoint fans. After all, “The Last Battle: Infinite” has beenOriginally scheduled to be launched with Xbox Series X/S in November last year, Has been delayed for at least one year, and there is no fixed date for launch. 343 Industries stated that they will announce the launch date of “The Last Battle: Infinite” soon, but if you want to play the story mode with your friends, you have to wait a few more months.

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