The Get It Together trailer showcases the new co-op gameplay

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    Last WarioWare: Get it together The trailer features over eight minutes of new co-op gameplay.

    Nintendo has released a new Nintendo Minute video (August 26th) that shows several mini-games in action while WarioWare: Get it togetherCo-op, such as Dislodge, Hypnotize, Topple, and Memorize.

    The mini-games shown in the trailer seem to start simple at first but gradually get tougher as you progress, some even picking up speed to make co-op more challenging.

    The video also showed a glimpse of the character selection screen with characters such as Wario, Cricket, 18-Volt, Mona, Dribble & Spitz, Dr Crygor, 9-Volt, Mike, Kat & Ana, Jimmy T, Ashley, Orbulon, 5 Volt, plus five Blank spaces for ambiguous characters.

    Both the first and second player can have up to three characters in the “crew” for co-op play, with each one playable during mini-games. You can also change your crew along the way.

    WarioWare The co-op also has high score tables that appear at the end of each playing session, giving players a chance to beat their previous score.

    WarioWare: Get it together It is scheduled to be released on September 10 for the Nintendo Switch. get it together It is the tenth batch in WarioWare The series is the first game in the franchise since then WarioWare Gold released On the Nintendo 3DS in 2018.

    Elsewhere, Nintendo has released another device Metroid dread A trailer that showed off all-new Samus abilities.

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