The ‘Bayonetta 3’ First Trailer Is Trying to Give You Everything You Want.

The ‘Bayonetta 3′ First Trailer Is Trying to Give You Everything You Want.

Several announcements regarding remasters, DLC, and even a date for the final character reveal for Super Smash Bros. were made during the Nintendo Direct on September 23. However, the conference came to a close with one of the most unexpected announcements yet: a gameplay reveal trailer for Bayonetta 3, the much awaited sequel. In a nutshell, it contains everything that fans have been anticipating.

Among the several exclusive Switch games presented during today’s Direct, Bayonetta 3 was a highlight. Splatoon 3 and a brand-new Kirby game are among the other games on display.

Bayonetta 3 was first confirmed as a Nintendo Switch exclusive during the 2017 Game Awards. The initial teaser depicted the titular girl as she appears in the previous game, albeit defeated by an unnamed and ghostly foe who vanishes in a puff of smoke before the sequel is given a number. Apart from the fact that the game was still in production at the time, the teaser revealed nothing more.

Interestingly, PlatinumGames’ devs have been unusually quiet regarding the game’s progress since its initial announcement. Hideki Kamiya, the director of the first Bayonetta, frequently provided brief updates on the game’s progress. Despite this, the team was keen to show off more game footage beyond the first teaser.

“It’s not our place to tell, but… it’s January [in 2021]. Isn’t it true that something has to come out?” VGC was informed by Kamiya.

When asked for more information on the subject, he remained deafeningly silence. “… my recommendation is that we all reset our clocks and forget about Bayonetta 3. Then, when something happens, it’ll be a pleasant surprise, won’t it?” Despite keeping their mouths shut for nearly four years (nearly as long as a Thanos snap), the PlatinumGames crew was definitely keen to announce something about the game. Fortunately, the wait was totally worth it.

Gamers have finally gotten their first peek at the planned sequel as of today. There’s a lot to unpack here.

In a wrecked Shibuya, the Japanese military fights strange creatures in the four-minute clip. After being easily defeated by the demons, Bayonetta reappears, armed with new weapons and sporting a new look evocative of her childhood.

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