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With its TAG Heuer connected Watch “Super Mario”, the watch manufacturer is launching a limited version of its connected watch in partnership with Nintendo. A version limited to 2000 copies and which has won over many consumers.

Who does not know Mario the Italian plumber who was born in the 80s and 90s and who is the brainchild of Nintendo. The little plumber has seduced generations of gamers to the point that even today, the most recent versions of “Super Mario” are still relevant today.

TAG Heuer connected Watch “Super Mario”, another way of seeing sport.

TAG Heuer, a major player in the world of watchmaking and sport, has therefore chosen Mario to offer a limited edition of its sports connected watch, the TAG Heuer connected Watch.

If the watch and its box display the colors and signs of Mario, the engineers at TAG Heuer have taken the concept far beyond the simple fact of stamping their watch with the likeness of the plumber.

Indeed, this watch, which is offered in a limited edition, does not just sport a “Super Mario” look. Tag Hauer has fully integrated the dynamic plumber into its operating system.

So “Super Mario” becomes on this edition your sports coach. He comes to greet you in the morning when you wake up and remains active and dynamic throughout your workouts. Better like in a video game, as you develop your sporting activity, “bonuses” appear and we can see Mario performing tricks, giving you information …

“Goodies” according to your athletic development.

Thus, Mario inherits super mushrooms which makes him grow, a teleportation pipe appears, in short, we find the codes of the game that we can have on the console when we play Super Mario, but this time on the watch as and the extent to which one achieves one’s sporting goals.

And best of all, when your sporting goal is achieved, Mario can be seen climbing up a bar to catch the flag just like he does in the game.

Price and Availability.

If you are interested, it seems that you will have to move quickly to hope to acquire another copy of this watch. Indeed, the TAG Heuer Connected x Super Mario Edition is limited to 2000 pieces and was marketed on July 15 at a price of 2000 €.

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