Suspected new Xbox console exposed, the main xCloud streaming game service


    While Microsoft is pushing the Xbox Series X|S next-generation console, it also promotes their Xbox Game Pass subscription service. Earlier, Microsoft had stated that it would cooperate with TV manufacturers, hoping to bring the Xbox gaming experience to connected smart TVs, so that users can play games through the game streaming service xCloud just by purchasing a game controller.

    Suspected new Xbox console exposed, the main xCloud streaming game service

    For those users who are still using non-connected TV, Microsoft seems to be preparing a new Xbox console, as long as the TV is connected to the network to use the xCloud service. A few days ago, a whistleblower uploaded a picture of the prototype of the Xbox Stream Box on Twitter. The news broke that the box used for xCloud streaming has a USB-A port and a power button on the front, and a USB-C port, HDMI output and Ethernet on the back. interface.

    Some whistleblowers said that the Xbox Stream Box in the picture was designed in early 2021, and it has been slightly changed now. Microsoft originally planned to launch it before the end of this year, but it could not be realized due to the shortage of global chip supply. This box is thicker and wider than a box of poker. After connecting to a TV, you can stream from a home console or play games directly on xCloud. It supports any Xbox game controller. In the future, keyboard and mouse support will be added. In addition to supporting wireless connections, you can also connect to the Internet via wired connections. In addition to playing games through xCloud, you can also use Party Chat, install HBO, Disney+ and other programs. It is a pity that the whistleblower has not announced the launch date of the Xbox Stream Box, as well as the price and other information.


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