Stranded Deep appears on Switch eShop by surprise


    Survival game Stranded Deep just appeared on the Switch eShop in Australia and should show up on other regional storefronts as they are updated throughout the day. The game was initially released in 2015, and then appeared on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One just last year. The culmination of its long journey to the Switch comes as a surprise, as the publisher did not reveal their plans for a Switch release before it actually, you know, released. As such, you will have to make do with an older trailer:

    You can, however, learn a bit more about Stranded Deep by reading this game description taken from the eShop:

    Experience terrifying encounters both above and below an endless environment with a different experience each time you play.

    Test Your Survival Skills In This Open World Adventure

    In the aftermath of a mysterious plane crash, you are stranded in the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Alone, without any means to call for help, you must do what you can to survive.

    Build. Craft. Survive. Escape.

    Explore underwater and on land as you hunt for supplies to craft the tools, weapons, and shelter you’ll need to stay alive. Stay sharp: hunger, thirst, and exposure conspire against you as you brave treacherous elements and the dangerous creatures of the Pacific.

    Live long enough, Stay Alive!

    Stranded Deep looks quite interesting, but its surprise release means that I have not had time to weigh all of my options before purchasing something. I am going to need to wait and hear a little bit more about the Switch version of the game and how well it runs. Until then, though, I’ll just have to coast off of the excitement of the game’s surprise release.


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