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    Still trying to get a PlayStation 5 console without success (and no, buying extruders at an exorbitant price is not a proper solution)?

    You seem to be in trouble, as the console shortage is expected to continue deep into the current year and perhaps even beyond.

    Still, Sony has found a solution – very partial to note – to the gamers’ distress: if there is no PlayStation 5, play on the PlayStation 4!

    Indeed, although the technology and gaming giant planned to stop production of the PlayStation 4 as early as 2021, it was recently revealed that it has ultimately not taken down the counter on the old console, and is expected to continue producing it for at least another year. Beyond that, the fact that the next three and exclusive flagship games for the PlayStation, Horizon: Forbidden West (February), Gran Turismo 7 (March) and God of War: Ragnarok (during 2022), will be launched in two versions – both for the PlayStation 5 and its predecessor – is conclusive proof For Sony’s action plan, which is still being built on the PlayStation 4.

    One, bye, one

    And what happens to competitors in Xbox? It turns out that quietly, Microsoft has stopped producing its old Xbox One console as early as the end of 2020, without prior notice.

    Although such devices can still be found in stores, these are old stock surpluses and not units that have just left the factory.

    Since there is no real shortage of new Xbox X and S consoles, which can be obtained (even in Israel) at reasonable prices if you look closely, this is not a particularly dramatic move.

    Were we wrong?


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