Redmond’s Microsoft plans to tap smart TVs, streaming devices for Xbox games


    Redmond’s Microsoft plans to tap smart TVs, streaming devices for Xbox games

    Microsoft Corp., the Redmond, Washington-headquartered American multinational tech conglomerate largely focused on cloud-based services apart from its Windows OS business, had said later this week that it had been working with global television manufacturers in a bid to reaffirm that gamers could play Xbox games via internet connected televisions without any additional hardware rather than a console.

    On top of that, latest remarks from Microsoft Corp came against the backdrop of a media headline that Microsoft’s Xbox had been laying off the groundworks of its own streaming devices for cloud-based gaming so that gamers could play on any television or monitor even without a console.

    Aside from that, Microsoft Corp., which had witnessed a boom in cloud revenues last-year amid an upsurge in work-from-employees alongside a sharp uptick in Xbox subscriptions, had also been planning a sweeping reform of its cloud gaming services to slice a larger market share including casual gamers.

    Microsoft Corp had launched two Xbox gaming consoles last year in a bid to heat up competition with its Japanese rival Sony Computer Entertainment that had sold roughly 7.8 million PlayStation 5s as of April 28, 2021.

    Microsoft’s Xbox plans to tap smart TVs

    Meanwhile, as the global gaming industry had attained a large boost since the onset of pandemic outbreak last year with over 50 per cent gamers in North America and Europe spending more times in gaming according to a report by gaming analysis firm Newzoo, addressing to a much-required divergence that would enhance Xbox games availability on multiple platforms, Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella said in a pre-recorded video, “With Game Pass coming to the browser, the value of the subscription is going to transcend from the console to the PC to mobile.

    I am looking forward to how we continue to invest in Game Pass, to add more content and bring the service to even more geographies”.

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