Razer Kishi turns your phone into a Nintendo Switch, now cheaper than ever


    The Razer Kishi is now available at its lowest price in history in the UK, with hefty discounts available through Amazon Prime Day. This mobile gamepad has been a favorite this past year, even scoring our best Xbox accessory award in 2020. Its Nintendo Switch-style controls are ideal for any mobile gaming, including the Xbox Cloud Gaming service now included with Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

    Amazon Prime Day has discounted two versions of the Razer Kishi, both designed to work with Android smartphones. The cheapest £43 version mirrors the Xbox controller layout, including the same asymmetrical twin-stick design, ABXY buttons, and other standard inputs. There’s also a special Xbox-branded version designed in collaboration with Microsoft, priced at £49, and suited to those eyeing the complete Xbox experience on mobile.

    Mobile gaming can’t get much better than the Razer Kishi, wrapping around your smartphone, with twin Joy Con-style controls, just like a Nintendo Switch. It has the classic button layout, offset thumbsticks, rear triggers, and bumpers akin to the Xbox controller. It has a design immediately familiar to any Xbox user and hooks up to almost any typical smartphone with its flexible design. We’ve named it the best controller for Xbox Cloud Gaming and we think you’d agree.

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    The Kishi proves super comfy for extended gaming sessions, not always guaranteed with a smartphone, with a robust design that holds up over time. It’s also surprisingly portable, weighing just 163 grams and folding up when not in use. The Android version only demands a USB-C connector, the standard for modern phones, although its iPhone variant isn’t currently discounted. Best of all, with a direct connection to your phone, there’s no charging needed.

    Starting from just £43 this Amazon Prime Day, the Razer Kishi is an excellent investment for the future of Xbox, as on-demand cloud gaming finally becomes a reality. You can play your games when away from the console, with low latency anywhere with a stable internet connection.

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