Playbyte May Be The TikTok Of Indie Gaming, As Long As You Have An iPhone

There may never be a better time to play indie games than, well, right now. PC gaming is as accessible as ever, and with vibrant independent stores giving small developers a chance to reach a wide audience games like Among Us can rocket to relevance and immense popularity seemingly out of thin air.

It’s a good time to like video games, is what we’re saying, especially if you like indie games and have a Nintendo Switch. And thanks to an app starting to gain some traction, you can add “having an iPhone” to that list of great indie gaming tools.

PlayByte is an app that’s been in beta for some time now, but got some solid press late last week as a great way to test out amateur games in rapid-fire quickness. Billed as a TikTok-like platform for indie gaming, PlayByte actually lets you make your own games. But just like TikTok and Vine before it, oftentimes the best experience is just taking in all the content everyone else is making.


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♬ Game – Playzy

“Whether you like story and cutscenes, intense boss battles, or oddball puzzles, there’s something for every gamer on Playbyte. All you have to do is play what you like and skip what you don’t and you’ll find an endless feed of games that feels personalized for you,” the app’s description says. “We make it easy for you to discover and create your own original video games by providing easy-to-use tools. Take your games to the next level with trending art, backgrounds, and by creating new game assets with custom rules.”

As Gizmodo pointed out, many of the games are extremely weird. But, well, user-created content usually is. And while it isn’t exactly the breeding ground for the next AAA smash hit, it’s certainly a fun way to waste time poking around to see what other people have made with the platform.


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♬ Gimme the Loot (2005 Remaster) – The Notorious B.I.G.

You can try PlayByte out for yourself, if you have an iOS product. Or check, of course, their TikTok account to see more stuff from the platform.

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