Playable demo for pixel-art shoot ’em up ProtoCorgi available now on Steam

Kemono Games and Ravenscourt have released a playable demo for their horizontal shoot ’em up ProtoCorgi, allowing players to try out this heroic hounds adventure before the game’s release on PC and Nintendo Switch on 26th August.  There’s also a new trailer (see below) revealing more of the pup’s story.


ProtoCorgi is a retro style pixel art, horizontal shoot ‘em up that puts players in charge of Bullet, a C3 class (Cute Cyber Corgi or Cosmic Combat Corgi) cybernetic pup.  When an evil alien force seeking galactic domination kidnaps his friend, and creator, Nixie he sets out on a mission to save her.  It’s up to players to shoot, dodge and bark at all the enemies that stand between them and Nixie.  Players will have up to 27 different weapons combinations and be able to use 3 different massive attacks to wipe out enemies.




The game will also feature a level editor that will allow players to change the background while they defeat the aliens, add in all kinds of different obstacles and place in a variety of different enemies that will make Bullet’s life a little harder.  There will also be the option for players to decide whether they want their level to be classic sidescroller or if you want to move up or  down and change the music.  The playable demo also provides a limited look at the editor.


Try out the ProtoCorgi demo on Steam now and be sure to add it to your wishlist.

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