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    The new expansion pack and upgrades to the PlayStation 5 console prove that this is the game version we should have had in the first place


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    Sunday, 29 August 2021, 15:25 Updated: 15:44

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    Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut – Announcement Trailer |

    PS5, PS4

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    Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut – Announcement Trailer (Sony)

    The game Ghost of Tsushima was released last year for the PlayStation 4 console and is considered one of the last exclusive games for the PlayStation 4. Although the game received rave reviews, quite a few complaints were heard online about the lackluster performance.

    Now, Sony is releasing the “director’s version” of Ghost of Tsushima for the PlayStation 5 that includes not only performance upgrades in the new generation, but also a new expansion pack – Iki Island.

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    (Photo: Official Website, Sony)

    The plot of Iki Island

    The Bread and Butter of “Director’s Version” is the Iki Island expansion pack, available to players more or less at the beginning of the second act of the main campaign plot. During the new mission (which will be available on the game map from the moment you reach the second act), Jin will reach a village attacked by a monogamous sect led by a new villain known as the “Eagle”.

    Of course Jin’s job is to stop that new and mysterious Mongol sect, which has settled down and started to slowly conquer the island of Iki, which is located separately from the Tasushima Islands, and from the first moment Jin sets foot on the island he will discover that Iki is not a friendly or inviting place .

    Jin also has a history in the Iki Islands, because there it was the place where his father was murdered when he was a teenager, and during the journey our heroes will be poisoned by the cult leader, and will have to deal with his past and guilt feelings that accompany him over the years.

    The plot of the expansion pack manages to wonderfully develop Jin’s character and give him extra depth, revealing fascinating sides we did not necessarily know during the game’s main campaign plot when it was first released.

    (Photo: Official Website, Sony)

    Gameplay – If it ain’t Broke …

    The Ghost of Tsushima expansion pack is a classic case of “If it’s not broken – do not fix”.

    The gameplay has been maintained as it was in the original game, for better or worse, depending on how connected you are to it.

    The Iki Islands still present you with a huge map that only asks you to explore it and discover its secrets and its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, in addition to sword battles against cruel Mongols.

    The main difference is that in the Iki Islands, the opponents are much tougher than you knew on the island of Tsushima.

    Not only does the sect leader use materials from two consciousnesses, it is also joined by the Shamans (now called ‘the shamans’) who during the battles perform a religious worship that causes the Mongols you will fight to go into a “crazy state”, and enter you with all your might.

    (Photo: Official Website, Sony)

    (Photo: Official Website, Sony)

    There is also a new type of enemy that will hold several weapons at the same time – which will make you change your “battle position” more than once when you fight them, and thus in fact the whole business becomes more dynamic and requires even more attention to what is happening on screen.

    Your loyal horse will also get a new upgrade and move, allowing you to quickly pounce on your opponents and attack them without having to get off the saddle.

    Although in the sector of side activities and map exploration there is not too much new, but even in this aspect a slight renovation has been done that slightly refreshes the formula.

    If in the original game we found fox burrows, in the current game we are all over the map temples of cats, monkeys and deer – only this time we will play a short musical game (who said guitar hero?) Where Jin will play the same animals with a flute, while the players will use gyroscope and sensors The movement of the sign for and will adjust the melody to its rhythm.

    (Photo: Official Website, Sony)

    Does the purchase justify itself?

    Since the game was first released for the PlayStation 4 console and then also for the new generation, many players did not necessarily understand the pricing of the director’s version of the game.

    So I will try to explain this in the simplest way possible: players with a PlayStation 4 console will pay $ 60 for the full game including the expansion itself, and $ 20 for the expansion only.

    PlayStation 5 players will pay $ 70 for the full game, and $ 30 for expansion only.

    Players who want to upgrade their game version from the PlayStation 4 console to the new generation will pay $ 10.

    (Photo: Official Website, Sony)

    The graphic upgrades in the new generation version allow the game to run smoothly and impressively (Zohan would say Silky Smooth) at 60 frames per second in 4K resolution.

    The DualSense remote also uses the Haptic Feedback capabilities, while the vibration impressively mimics the game’s fast and deadly sword fights.

    Before I forget, it must also be noted that charging times are almost non-existent in the next generation version of the game, and thanks to the new SDD drive of the PlayStation 5 console the game loads in less than 2 seconds.

    Just for comparison – in the PlayStation 4 version the game loads in 30-40 seconds.

    There is no doubt that this is a significant and welcome change that facilitates and enhances the experience.

    (Photo: Official Website, Sony)

    In conclusion

    The director’s version and the Iki Island expansion pack of Ghost of Tsushima will offer you an upgraded experience on the new generation consoles in addition to a new storyline that explores the history and character of Gin – an aspect that was very lacking in my taste in the original game version.

    Sony is sticking with a classic approach of releasing successful expansion packs for its popular games, and if you enjoyed the original game, I see no reason why you should not also enjoy the new expansion pack.

    It takes everything that worked in the previous game, and slightly overhauls the formula.

    If you are new players and did not get to experience Ghost of Tsushima last year – want to play.

    It’s one of the most enjoyable and spectacular games of recent years, while its director’s version completes the experience and feels like the version we should have had from the start.

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