Palworld is Pokemon but with guns, slavery, and poaching


    Palworld Trailer Knockoff Pachirisu Makes GunsIt should come as no surprise to find out that Pokemon is one of the most successful video game franchises of all time. However, for all of its strengths, Nintendo’s hit JRPG is a children’s game. It doesn’t tackle difficult topics or showcase many real-world problems. A new trailer for a Pokemon-inspired game called Palworld might just offer something to fill that gap in the market.
    Palworld is an upcoming multiplayer open-world survival game. Its gameplay offers a mix between Pokemon and an action third-person shooter. What differentiates it most though from Pokemon are the dark themes lying deep within. Unlike Pokemon, this is anything but a game about friendship.
    A mature take on Pokemon
    The Palworld trailer makes it clear that several mature themes will play a key role in its gameplay. Amongst these are guns, slavery, and poaching. As a survival game with food shortages and harsh weather, getting by can be tough. So tough in fact that you may find yours…

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